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Drive different types of vehicles across the open world of the USA, enjoy realistic weather effects, customize your car to your taste, and fight for the championship. All deals are protected by our security system. The Crew 2 is a racing video game developed by Ubisoft, that allows players to control a variety of vehicles. In the second part, the graphics have been improved, the physics have been enhanced, and the size of the map has been increased several times. Players will be able to travel almost the entire territory of the United States and visit such places as New York, Miami, Las Vegas, and many others. A variety of landscapes, different weather conditions, and changes in the time of day create a feeling of the real world. The main advantage of The Crew 2 is a truly huge fleet of vehicles: more than different types of transport are available to players, including not only cars, but also airplanes, boats, and motorcycles. You can choose the type of race you want directly from the menu and go straight to the race. One of the special features of The Crew 2 is a mode where you can change your vehicles right in the middle of the race, switching between a car and an airplane, for example, to get to the next stage. Victories will bring you not only money but also various upgrades to improve your vehicles. Collecting the best legendary parts with the right perks is the goal of many players. In addition to racing, The Crew 2 lets you simply drive around the open world, completing various tasks and exploring secret places. An advanced photo mode and a lot of options for customizing your car will keep you playing for a long time. On our marketplace, you can buy The Crew 2 CD keys for any version of the game at the lowest prices. Many sellers work in a competitive market environment, which ensures the constant availability of CD keys and a wide choice. Whether you choose the cheapest item or a seller with many reviews, the deal is completely safe. The seller receives the payment only after the CD key has been delivered, and until then, the payment will be put on hold by our security system. Each website you visit may store or retrieve data in your browser. This data and storage of said data are often necessary and important for the basic functionality of the website and connected services. The storage of such data often called cookies may be used for marketing, analytics, and to provide a personalised experience, for example, to store your preferences. We value your privacy, so you have the following options to choose from regarding your data. You can disable certain types of storage if they are not necessary for the basic functioning of the website. If you need more information about each category of cookies we store and why we store them — please consult our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy. These cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the website. Their deactivation compromises the use of the services accessible from login. Without this cookie, the registration process will not be possible, and some essential website elements will not work e. This cookie is deleted when your browsing session ends. Without this cookie, you cannot sign in or sign up for our services. The storage period is days. These cookies help Us understand how Our website performs, responds, and generally functions when visitors interact with the site and whether there may be any technical issues. We also use third-party tools to measure the performance of our website and the quality of our services. These services may use cookies to process your data for other purposes, including marketing and personalisation. Currently, the site uses only Google Analytics and Yandex Metrica. Sell Keys. Method of obtaining Digital key As a gift By logging in to the account. Region Global Other region. Online sellers only. Automatic delivery. ARS, As a gift, Russia. ARS, Digital key, Global. How to buy Select the offer you want and contact the seller. Pay for the order using any payment option you prefer. Redeem the CD key and confirm the order completion. FunPay uses essential, technical, analytical, marketing, and other cookies. These files are crucial for the proper functioning of all FunPay sites and services. They help us remember you and your personal choices and settings. For details, please read our Cookie Policy. Agree to all Options. Cookie Preferences. Examples click to expand. Analytical and third-party cookies. Save settings Agree to all. Норм the crew ключ активации бесплатно 2018 хорошо